Beatrix Fife

Beatrix 'Bix' Fife was born in Sweden of Anglo-Norwegian parents and grew up in France and Italy. Bix spent her childhood in Rome and her teens in Paris. She speaks English, Italian, French, Norwegian and Japanese. The one constant in this symphony of languages is the voice of the flute, which she began playing in early childhood.

Bix studied visual arts in Norway, Hungary and Japan, after receiving a bachelor degree in economics. Through the discovery of ancient art forms, children’s works, folk music and poetry, the constant theme in her pictures is language and the human psyche.
After working in a theatre in New York, Bix stayed in Japan during the 90s and developed her own style of art brut/expressionist painting, continuing in Brussels.
In 2008 she received a Master Degree in Language Science (psycholinguistics) at the University of Franche-Comte, France, and teaches communication using creativity, body movement and drama techniques.

In Kyoto, between 1990 to 1999, she played in the progressive/punk/rock band La Cage Blanche and in the Art Performance group Phylloxera. She also performed for theatre and dance, Mau Dance and Taihen,. In Brussels, between 2000 and 2010, she sang and performed in electropop group 'bix medard' which has given out 3 CDs ( 2008, 2009 and 2010).

After having spent a decade in Brussels, Bix and Marki Katagiri settled in 2010 in Tokyo. They immediately set up the French pop-jazz duo Bix&Marki through which they present soft original music, based on imagery, performed with voice, flute and guitar. The music is composed by Marki and the lyrics by Bix.
They perform in Tokyo and in various parts of Japan, travelling regularly on tour in Japan. They have created 9 CDs.

As Bix covers many directions within the Arts, she explores the connection between words, colors, forms and sounds.

Visual Art exhibitions:
A Bientot, Tokyo
Fugensha, Tokyo
Fugensha, Tokyo
Fugensha, Tokyo
Kissako, Tokyo
Kissako, Tokyo
Kissako, Tokyo
Kanda Café, Tokyo
Group exhibition at the Barbara Harsch House in Brussels, together with Barbara Harsch (photos) and Ariane Chesaux (paintings)
Galerie Rossel Le Soir, Brussels
Musée d’Art Différencié, Liège
Centre Culturel de l’Ambassade du Japon, Brussels
Musée d’Art Spontané, Brussels
Galerie Le Déco, Tokyo
Galerie Sowaka, Kyoto
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Galleri Andrej Nebb, Oslo
Kyoto City Art Museum
St Jakob im Def. Kunstwoche, Austria